Huntsville City School system hosts online vehicle auction for surplus fleet

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City Schools Property and Asset Management has a special auction this month for 27 vehicles.

”For us, it makes sense to try to earn money that can go back into our general fund,” explained asset manager coordinator Lontrell Harris.  “Each month we make a few thousand dollars, and in this case, we’ll make tens of thousands for the district.”

The system pays attention to what they don’t need anymore and sells it to bring more money back into the system.  Since the auction program started in 2013, it’s brought in over $1.4 million in cash for the district.

Huntsville City Schools sees this as a win-win situation. They get to recycle their assets, and you get a great deal!

The auction is being conducted through Pictures and vehicle information, along with bidding instructions are posted on the website. There are several 4×4 trucks and other specialty vehicles with cargo lift-gates and tool storage boxes.

Anyone who would like to personally inspect the vehicles may contact Lontrell Harris at (256) 924-2365 for an appointment.  Inspection opportunities will end on Friday by 4pm. The online auction will close on June 16, 2019.

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