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HUNTSVILLE Ala. — Students across the country, walked out of their classrooms today to call attention to school safety, and to remember the lives lost in the
Parkland school shooting. Students from Huntsville City Schools joined the national movement and demanded change.

Huntsville City Schools officials had said their students would not be participating in unorganized walkouts. Education officials planned “educational activities” for students. Students across the city walked out and joined in the cross country show of solidarity.

WHNT’s cameras and reporters were not allowed on school grounds, but we could see Lee High School students gather for a ceremony in honor of the lives lost in recent school shootings. Students from Huntsville High school, Columbia High School, and Grissom High Schools all walked out on Wednesday.

We were not allowed to attend any demonstrations, but Huntsville City Schools provided video of Grissom’s walkout, with students saying they feel they have to do something about school violence.

“If you sit back and let it happen, and keep your opinions to yourself, nothing will change in your favor or for the better,” said Grissom senior, Willem Butler.

“This is the generation that will end gun violence. And we are just tired of it, we’re just sick and tired of it,” said Grissom Junior, Daniel Ogden.

Nationally the walkouts were to last for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 killed in the Parkland school shooting.