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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For more than a year, Huntsville city leaders have been focused on creating the first-ever citywide master plan, known as “The Big Picture.” Officials released some of the data they have gathered in that time on the city’s demographics, land use and community issues.

“It’s really just to give folks an idea of what it is we’ve been doing and the base assumptions we’re making when we actually start going out and flushing out what the future plan would actually be,” said Manager of Urban and Long Range Planning Dennis Madsen.

The information serves as an inventory and assessment of the city’s existing conditions and to help better plan for future growth and development. He said more data will be revealed in the coming months on additional topics, including transportation and the economy.

Madsen said the web-based plan will allow citizens to track projects through the city in a user-friendly way.

“We want it, really, to be a resource because, I think, the more folks actually use it, the more we’ll have impetus to actually get a lot of those things done.”

As one of the first projects for “The Big Picture,” the upcoming improvements to Ditto Landing are a small glimpse of how city planners want to use community input to enact change.  Madsen said it also shows how quickly that change can happen.

“That’s kind of a great example of sort of what a plan can actually do when you get folks together.”

City planners are now focusing on working with smaller community groups to determine the top priorities for the city.

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