HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Huntsville City magistrate who was charged with menacing in June was found not guilty by a Madison County judge on Tuesday.

Daniel Cranor was placed on administrative leave after his arrest. Court documents showed while he was arrested on June 16, the incident took place on May 23, 2022.

(Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

On July 18, Cranor pleaded not guilty to the charge and waived his arraignment.

Cranor appeared in court on August 16 and was set to have a bench trial that day but, the state filed a motion to continue, citing the “need for additional time to speak to the victim.”

Cranor also filed a motion to suppress statements, including those made before his first court appearance and those made after “promises of leniency, promises of reward or hope of reward.” He also claims those statements were made in violation of his Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The bench trial was reset and held on Tuesday, September 6. News 19 was at the Madison County Courthouse and viewed a video presented to the judge during the trial.

The video was taken of the encounter by a man who suspected his wife of having an affair with Cranor. He apparently took out his camera to record her encounter with Cranor.

The recording showed Cranor emerge from the vehicle holding a gun at his side but did not show Cranor raising the gun toward the man.

Ultimately, the judge found Cranor not guilty of the menacing charge.

News 19 reached out to City of Huntsville on Cranor’s employment status after the hearing.

“The [menacing] charge is a criminal matter, and unrelated to Cranor’s employment at the City,” said Kelly Schrimsher, a spokesperson for the city. “He remains on administrative leave for an unrelated issue and he is awaiting a disciplinary hearing [through the City].”

Schrimsher said a date has not been set for the hearing.