HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville city leaders are inviting residents to show off their hard work in the yard with the inaugural ‘A Cut Above’ District 1 Summer Landscaping Challenge.

Councilman Devyn Keith is one of the driving forces behind this challenge. He says there’s an expansion of housing and people re-investing into the community in District 1, and he thought it’d be a good idea to highlight some of the successes they’ve seen.

The front-yard challenge ends on Saturday, August 6th.

Residents in District 1 can compete for up to three titles: Best Landscaping, Most Captivating Floral Display, and Best Curb Appeal.

Winners will also receive a complimentary yard sign designating their award.

“Since conception, we were doing all the upfront work. We would find neighborhoods that we would want to reinvest in. We would cut the yard, paint siding, add floral arrangements, and even put a new mailbox up. Now it’s grown into where we’re highlighting people who have done that work themselves and having community partnerships like Lowe’s has been a blessing for us when it comes to competitions like this,” said Keith. 

With summer underway and the heat not letting up anytime soon Portia Jordan, the store manager at a Huntsville Lowe’s, wants to remind everyone to be safe while working on their yards.

“Stay hydrated, not just for you but for your plants. We want to ensure that we are saving lives – human lives and our plants. Make sure you’re watering in the morning and in the evening. If you are working in your yard, take multiple breaks. Gatorade, water, if you feel a sense of urgency (heat stroke, over-heating, sweating, palmy hands) do whatever you can to get inside immediately to cool off,” Jordan recommended. 

Keith will be working with homeowners’ associations, business groups, recreation centers, faith organizations, public facilities and more to help get the word out about the competition.

For more information, updates on the challenge, and helpful lawn tips you can find them here