HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Days of wintry weather, snow, and ice are causing trees and branches to break around Huntsville, creating piles of debris across the city.

“Monday of last week, I could not even get out of my garage because I had hanging branches that were iced down and they were blocking everything so I had to go out, cut and trim and put them out on the street, just like everybody else had to do,” said Bill Kling. He represents District 4 on the Huntsville City Council.

Kling says he’s seen branches from cedar, pine, and maple trees in several different neighborhoods, creating piles of debris. He’s also noticed a slower pace in picking up the piles.

To figure out why it’s taking so long, Kling reached out to the Public Works Department.

“Well I just wanted to check with the public works director, telling him that I had been getting calls, complaints, concerns from folks and he told me that everything is working fine, it’s just having a hard time to catch up,” said Kling.

Because of the wintry weather, there is more debris around the city than normal, creating a backlog.

“They are working really hard when it’s raining and when it’s cold and miserable, we want to stay inside but these guys are out on the streets,” said Kling. “They are doing their pickups and again, my hat is off to them.”

If you too have a similar pile, Kling says not to worry. The Public Works Department is working as quickly as possible to pick up the thousands of piles around the city.

With more frigid temperatures expected over the next few days, there is a big possibility more piles will pop up around Huntsville adding to the workload.