Huntsville city councilman looks to change city’s sound ordinance


It’s time to turn up the music.

As the city of Huntsville becomes more urbanized, a city council member is proposing a change to the city’s sound ordinance. That change would make it easier for nearby businesses to use sound amplifiers on the weekend. 

City councilman Bill Kling says that under current city ordinances, sound amplification is not allowed after 10 p.m., but the city is growing, and that live music is important to that growth. 

The arts and entertainment districts in the city of Huntsville are booming. Kling says it’s time for full enjoyment of arts and entertainment district. He says he wants to make that amend that ordinance immediately. 

“In small steps we would raise the closing hour from ten o’clock to eleven PM on weekend nights for live music and New Year’s Eve we can go to 1 a.m.,” said Kling.

Local business owners in the district support the amendment. Kling says have already constructed their buildings to offset the loud music. 

Despite noting that the weekend entertainment in the growing district will support local business, but there are some concerns with the noise of residents who live in the district. 

“For some folks who like live music that’s great,” said Kling. “Residential folks who are close to that area, we certainly want to take their concerns and basically get the utmost concern. And that’s why we’re only doing one hour increase for the two weekend nights. Kind of tweak it a little bit to see how that works if there are problems, we can certainly act accordingly.”  

A second draft of the sound ordinance proposal with be ready for the next city council meeting in two weeks.

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