HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Huntsville city council came together on Thursday in a meeting where city leaders were tasked with making some important decisions that will impact people across the Rocket City.

Both the fiscal year budget for the upcoming year to a hands-free ordinance were on the meeting’s agenda to be voted on.

City leaders were expected to vote on that hands-free ordinance, but this meeting marked the second consecutive one where voting on the ordinance was tabled, with city leaders discussing additional plans for the city’s massive budget. The council could decide to vote on the ordinance during an October 12th city council meeting.

After a tense back-and-forth discussion, city leaders voted in favor of an amended fiscal year budget that topped a record $312 million for the upcoming year.

That proposed budget amendment will include $25,000 dollars in funding for the United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville(UCP). Funding for the UCP was not included in the proposed budget.

Councilman Devyn Keith was adamant about funding for the UCP, but the council wanted to know exactly where that $25,000 was coming from.

Huntsville City Council member Bill Kling says this budget will focus on quality-of-life services. That includes things like expanding garbage collection and public transit services along with new and upgraded roads.

“There’s some good things in the budget that I found. $19.3 million in road resurfacing and repair, $800,000 in new sidewalk and construction and repair of existing sidewalks that we already have,” Kling told News 19. “Something important to me has been the inclusion of street sweeping of neighborhoods I think anything we do to make our neighborhoods look nicer is very important.”

The council could decide to vote on the hands-free ordinance during the October 12th city council meeting.

For a look at how tax dollars will be used for the upcoming fiscal year, a breakdown of the budget leaders voted in favor of can be found here.