Huntsville City Council Seat Up for Grabs: Who Wants It?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —   Huntsville City Council member John Olshefski announced Wednesday morning that he won’t seek re-election for a second term in 2014. Olshefski currently serves District 3 on the City Council, representing all of South Huntsville.

David Pinkleton with the South Huntsville Civic Association said the group is preparing to start looking for a new leader. “It’s good to hear that he (Olshefski) has made an official decision and put that out there cause that will definitely give us time to go out there and recruit candidates to not only fulfill that position but to make sure that they’re going to represent South Huntsville all the time,” said Pinkleton.

Pinkleton told WHNT News 19 that the SHCA will endorse someone who is looking out for the best interests of South Huntsville. They will focus on finding a candidate that expresses an interest in economic development. Pinkleton said this is especially critical because of all the big happenings in the area such as the re-location of Grissom High and the development of “Lendon” in Jones Valley. “We want to make sure our consituents, our residents, have a voice whether it be through us being the watchdog, whether it be a utility matter, whether its sewage related or just road and school related,” he said.

As far as possible candidates, Huntsville City School Board Member Dr. Jennie Robinson told WHNT News 19 that she is considering a run for the seat. “I am considering a run for Huntsville City Council,” Dr. Robinson said in a statement to WHNT News 19. “I have not made a decision yet. I am getting lots of support and encouragement from the community and thank everyone for offering such kindness.”

“Dr. Robinson is someone we’ll definitely give due consideration to,” said Pinkelton. “Any candidate who comes to us we will hear them out and we will make a well-informed decision about who will represent us starting in August of next year.”

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