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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City Council unanimously passed the Fiscal Year 2021. The balanced budget includes $236 million in general fund operations and $140 million in capital spending through the 1990 and 2014 Capital Improvement Plans.

The budget represents the continuing commitment of city government to provide quality services and investments to a growing community while meeting the challenges of current economic events.

“You’re really kind of guessing at some of your numbers so we went very conservative on our numbers and as we went conservative we made sure that we kept those cuts in place so we could make sure we had a balanced budget for next year just like we did this year,” says Mayor Tommy Battle.


Personnel  $ 166,435,200  (70.4%)
Operations    $ 44,946,432  (19 %)
Operating Capital   $ 3,310,500  (1.4 %)
Appropriations/Intrgov/Transfers   $ 21,609,774  (9.1 %)

FY-21 GENERAL FUND TOTAL    $ 236,301,906

The bulk of any increase supports personnel needs to accommodate growth and staffing at new facilities. Support to the Huntsville City School system remains fully funded and capital projects will proceed as planned.

“This is an exciting year for the city because we are sitting here on the verge of tremendous growth happening. When you look at all that we’ve got to provide the infrastructure to continue to grow so that we can keep our quality of life just as good tomorrow as we have today,” says Battle.

Half of the FY-20 Fiscal Year was under the pandemic, forcing “normal” out the window and costing the City about $15 million in lost revenues. Thanks to mid-year cuts and adjustments, the City is ending the fiscal year on an even note.

“I am proud of how our departments adapted to meet these everyday challenges,” said Battle. “We placed a limited freeze on hiring and cut operating budgets 5%, forcing everyone to do more with less.”

The City did not cut the budgets of outside agencies during the pandemic but asked them to consider reducing their annual appropriation by 5% for FY-21. Nearly every agency cooperated with the request, an indication of the community’s shared commitment to get through this pandemic together.

Highlights of the FY-21 Budget

  • New fire station for Huntsville’s western area
  • New fire ladder truck for Station 18
  • 2 new buses for Huntsville Transit
  • $10.2 M in street resurfacing
  • $14 M in roads maintenance, sidewalks and drainage
  • $26 M in new street construction
  • $46.7 M for municipal facilities (includes new City Hall)
  • $8.9 M for recreation projects
  • $24.3 M for outside agency appropriations
  • 1% cost of living increase for employees

View the proposed budget below: