Huntsville City Council looking to reduce light pollution

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Huntsville skies could become clearer with something known as the ‘dark skies’ resolution. This was first introduced by City Councilwoman Francis Akridge.

Huntsville’s City Council passed an ordinance to look into the best way of reducing light pollution in the city.

This would include replacing all of the current light bulbs in street lights with LED bulbs. This is believed to reduce light pollution that obscures viewing of the night sky.

Joe Gehrdes, the Community Relations Manager for Huntsville Utilities says they are just at the beginning stages. He says they are seeing “what the cost is going to be, perhaps what our return on investment will be through the energy-savings and for the city’s involvement to look at how we can have more directional lighting to reduce that light pollution.”

So for right now, the plan is to meet over the course of a year to see what the most efficient way of “brightening the skies” would be.

Gehrdes adds that changing to LED bulbs would be a huge initial cost that will impact Huntsville Utilities customers, which will be put into consideration over the next year.

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