Huntsville City Council interviews top 5 candidates for open school board member position

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Friday morning and into the afternoon at city hall the Huntsville City Council interviewed five candidates to fill the open position on the Huntsville City School Board.

The candidates come from different backgrounds and professions, and the council says that makes this role a competitive one.

The top five candidates for the open board seat were announced at a Huntsville City Council meeting Thursday. The candidates are Carlos Mathews, Zara Broadenax, Angie Sandritter, JoAnn Perez, and Chaundra Jones.

After district 5 board member Pam Hill’s resignation the Huntsville City Council had to create its own process for selecting a replacement.

“It was just a state statute that says the city council appoints the school board and there was nothing in our ordinances that stipulated how that would happen,” said council member Jennie Robinson.

An application review committee was created, which led to the five candidates selected to be interviewed. Robinson said each candidate has brought their own unique perspective to the table.

“We have one that spoke about wanting to leave a legacy, others talk about their experience with the system, the work they’re doing, and they’re excited to see that work go forward,” she said.

The district 5 chair will be empty for the next school board meeting on June 24th.

“They have four sitting members, there shouldn’t be a problem with the quorum and there being able to conduct school system business,” Robinson said.

After interviews Friday, all five candidates will undergo background checks,  and the new district 5 school board representative will be announced at the next council meeting on June 27th.

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