HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – On Thursday, Huntsville City Council unanimously approved the ordinance that will finalize a zoning plan and implement any requirements needed for dispensaries to sell medical marijuana. 

On October 13, Huntsville City Council was given a presentation on a host of reasons by the city external relations officer as to why medical cannabis dispensaries should be authorized.

The City of Huntsville must now inform the state before dispensary sites can be allowed within the municipality. Huntsville City Council says they have considered every facet of the benefits of allowing medical marijuana to be sold in Madison County.

Huntsville joins 25 other municipalities throughout the state in allowing dispensaries. H. Marty Schelper, the founder of the Alabama Cannabis Coalition reiterated the benefits of medical marijuana in replacement of opioids for pain management.

“Opioid addiction is so great, not just in the state of Alabama, but all over the United States and cannabis is not addictive,” said Schelper. “If we are looking at it as a pain management, but there are also many uses of medical cannabis that are written into FB-46 that the Alabama medical commission is implementing. As far as pain management goes, it is an excellent way to treat people’s pain without the addiction of opioids.” 

It’s now in the hands of the City Planning Committee to work on creating zoning guidelines for where the dispensaries could begin to operate. The current ordinance goes into effect starting on December 23. 

The Alabama Cannabis Commission will only approve four licenses in the state, with each licensee allowed to operate three dispensaries.