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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville City Council announced that later this month the long-awaited Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Report will be released to the public.

The report comes in response to the protests in downtown Huntsville last June, shortly after George Floyd’s death.

Those protests in June happened on the Downtown Courthouse Square and ended with law enforcement dispersing the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The report looks at what happened during those protests between citizens and police and provides recommendations on how to move forward and create a better relationship between the two.

The report, which has been in the works for months now, will be presented at the next City Council meeting, scheduled for April 22 at 5:30 p.m. in the Huntsville City Council chambers.

It is open to the public and it’s expected to be a full and long meeting, it will also be streamed on Facebook as well as the City’s website.

City Council President Jennie Robinson said the April 22 meeting won’t be the only one regarding the report.

“The most important part of the report I think for all of us is going to be the recommendations, and as a result, we’re going to have a follow-up meeting on August 28 to take next steps as a result of those recommendations,” she said. “It will also give the council [an opportunity] to discuss the next steps from the Citizens Advisory Commission Report.”

When the report is presented at the April meeting, it will be the first time the public and the council will see it.

When the meeting begins, the report will be uploaded to the City of Huntsville’s website and be made public.