Huntsville church celebrates one year of recovery program success

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With the growing numbers of issues like substance abuse and mental health disorders across America, a national 12 step program is joining local churches to try and make a difference.

Celebrate Recovery is currently implemented in more than 35,000 churches nationwide.

“Celebrate Recovery is a ministry for anyone with a hurt, hangup, or habit. And for the life me… I’m still trying to figure out who doesn’t have one of those,” said Celebrate Recovery National Director Mac Owen.

The Net Church in Huntsville is celebrating its one year anniversary of the program. Ministry leader Curt Lindsley says they are one of many local chapters.

“This is really intended to be for the entire Huntsville community. For anybody that can benefit from working on issues on their life,” said Recovery Ministry Leader Curt Lindsley.

Celebrate Recovery’s National Director Mac Owen brought about unlikely saints… explaining that anyone can experience life change.

“Inviting people into your church that you normally wouldn’t invite into your church not knowing how they are going to turn out. In other words, we believe through celebrate recovery people can turn out so good they might end up being a leader in the church,” said Owen.

Owen says while a percentage of those that participate in celebrate recovery need help with substance abuse, the program can help anyone.

“May have problems with like anger or adults who have children that are addicts or sexual issues or co-dependent issues so there’s a lot of different issues that Celebrate Recovery addresses besides just addiction,” said Owen.

To find a local Celebrate Recovery near your, click here.

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