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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Ms. Penny patrols the grounds of the Huntsville Botanical garden, hunting down pests.  Most guests don’t even know she’s there, though.

Director of Visitor Services Melissa Riley tells us, “You won’t really see Penny most of the time here at the garden. If you do see her, it might just be a blur while she’s running underneath a bush or something.”


Penny’s services prove key. She keeps mice out of the garden, which keeps their natural predators out of the garden too. Keeping mice at bay, means keeping snakes away.

Nice work, Penny.

Riley also notes, “She works for very little pay.”

She gets a bowl of food in the morning, but she didn’t even finish her feast on her fourth anniversary. Maybe she was too eager to get to work.

Riley tells us, “She does not enjoy being around people.  She just likes doing her job here at the garden.”

Penny works alone, and Riley tells us staff leave her be.  If you see her on the job, try not get in her way. She doesn’t particularly like a lot of attention.

Happy anniversary, Penny!