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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s called “Dinosaur Uproar Alive.”

“We had dinosaurs a few years back as our summer exhibit and they were a complete hit, and we found these dinosaurs,” said Melissa Riley, Vice President of Guest Experience.

Dinosaurs that move and roar and are very interactive. “Let the children experience them and have fun with them, old and young,” Riley said.

The garden is also hosting a few other dinosaurs from around the Huntsville area.

“We do have some dinosaurs the children out there have done with their art teachers,” Riley said.

The garden’s goal is to have a different exhibit every summer.

“We want to keep the interest in the garden,” Riley said. ” We want something for the children to do when they come, so we learned that exhibits are the way to go.”

The “Dinosaur Uproar Alive” exhibit will be in the garden until August.

Huntsville Botanical Garden will also have free admission for mothers this Sunday in honor of Mother’s Day.