Huntsville bakery's email hacked by scammers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Customers of Peggy Ann Bakery were the latest target in an email scam.

Most people realize if someone they don't know asks for money through an email, it's potentially a scam. But if the email is from a trustworthy local business, a scam may be harder to spot.

Peggy Ann Bakery has been serving the community since 1953 so they have quite the fan base. When their customers received a fishy-looking email, they checked in with the bakery.

The manager of Peggy Ann Bakery, Kristen Cooper, said last Tuesday, they had over 50 people calling about the email. She believes the email was sent to anybody that ever emailed the bakery.

"It was from the owner of the business asking them to please get in contact with her, it was an emergency and if they responded to the email, it asked them to purchase a Google Play or another type of gift certificate," says Cooper.

The president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving North Alabama, Elizabeth Garcia, said the email was meant to look like the owner was in trouble overseas and there was no way to get a money card.

"The email that was sent out was from a Hotmail," said Cooper. "It was and we actually don't even have that account but somehow they had all of our emails that we ever sent out."

Cooper says within just a few hours, the business changed their passwords and updated all security measures to avoid the scam continuing.

Luckily for Peggy Ann Bakery, they were able to catch the scam quickly but it's important to remember, this happens each and every day and you need to stay aware.

"We're alerting consumers and business owners to be on the lookout for this," says Garcia. "The first sign that something like this is happening, take action." She adds that if a customer receives an email like this from a local business, it is important to contact the business quickly.

By changing the password to your email frequently, you can avoid this type of scam.

If you have been a victim of a scam or are aware of one, you can let others know through the BBB's "Scam Tracker."

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