Huntsville attorney talks about gun control ‘loopholes’ in light of Charleston shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Unanswered questions continue to torment those affected by the Charleston church shooting. One of them– how did 21-year-old Dylann Roof, who had a felony charge pending against him get his hands on a firearm?

Huntsville attorney Brian Clark explains why it’s illegal for anyone with a felony or felony pending to purchase a firearm.

“Felons are deemed unworthy of certain privileges that certain Americans have, one of them is we shouldn’t place guns in their hands,” said Clark.

There are still conflicting reports into just how Roof got the weapon he’s accused of using in the shooting rampage. This is something Clark says he deals with frequently.

Like after other mass shootings including Tucson, Arizona and Newtown, Connecticut,  President Obama addressed the attack with calls for tougher gun control regulation.

Clark says this case illustrates why he doesn’t believe tougher gun control legislation is the answer.

“It’s usually just somebody that’s full of hate or has mental issues and they’re getting the guns. You can regulate them all you want, but they’re not going to be stopped.  If they have the goal to do it… they’re gonna do it… you can’t change people’s hearts. The majority of the crimes from my clients that have been alleged to use a gun… nobody’s gotten them lawfully,” said Clark.

As investigators continue to work to determine how Roof obtained the firearm, he will face a weapon charge in addition to the nine counts of murder because under South Carolina law, it’s illegal to commit a violent crime with a weapon, whether or not the weapon is legally owned.

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