Huntsville artist creates outdoor exhibit promoting racial equality


HUNTSVILLE, Ala — A new art exhibit is up in Huntsville, but you won’t find it in a museum.

Art by 17 different artists can be found at the corner of Clinton Avenue and Woodson Street near Memorial Parkway. The artwork varies in styles, but they all have one common message—promoting racial equality.

The exhibit was coordinated by Huntsville artist Jahni. In addition to his own piece, he chose a group of fellow artists and former art students to contribute pieces as well.

“It’s called ‘Art Evolution’. And if you look at the words, it’s like art and revolution put together. It’s the artists’ chance to step forward and place their visual voice on what’s happening in the world,” Jahni said.

He is helping young artists like 16-year-old Laila Cripps’ voice be heard.

“It made me feel proud,” Cripps said. “It made me feel honored. I’m really glad that he reached out to me and he considered me.”

One of Jahni’s former students, Kenneth Randle, said he was inspired to get involved and was already thinking of ways he could contribute.

“With everything going on, I was like, ‘How can I be a part of the cause? What can I do, and how can I use my gift and my talents to add to what’s going on?”, Randle said.

Fellow Huntsville artist, Jane Philips, said she was honored to be asked to contribute and added that this exhibit allows her to take action.

“I’d been twiddling my thumbs all week and feeling all the emotions in our community and how much pain was being brought forth,” Philips said. “Having an outlet for that to really do something that would benefit our community was really important.”

The exhibit will be on the corner of Clinton and Woodson for one month until it is moved to another location.

See all 17 pieces below.

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