Huntsville apartment complex murder comes to a close, again

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – An innocent man sat in jail for a month. Three weeks later, a different man was arrested for the accused crime. Huntsville police say now, they are sure they have the right guy.

The case starts in March with a shooting at Brixworth at Bridge Street apartments. 19-year-old Austin Rich was killed. Police say this crime was drug-related.

“In this case, we can say it was drug-related. In this shooting and the death of this victim was directly related to drugs,” says Lt. Michael Johnson.

Police charged 32-year-old Marcus Alexander McCarver with capital murder.

But McCarver isn’t the first person to face those charges for the shooting death. Police initially arrested a different man but later dropped the charges against him when he presented an air-tight alibi.

“What we can say about that first arrest is it was based on probable cause. There was adamant eye-witness testimony along with other evidence,” says Johnson.

Huntsville police aren’t sharing much about how they were led to make the second arrest.

“We just ask that the public be patient with us,” says Johnson.

Investigators say they are still working to solve this case and get the correct justice for all.

“We are very diligent and professional in our investigations. Criminal Investigation division has very seasoned investigators,” says Johnson.

This is still an active investigation and Huntsville Police are asking anyone with information to submit a tip online.

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