Huntsville Animal Shelter overloaded after animal hoarding case

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – A home on Chapman Drive was surrounded by animal control agents and police Tuesday night for a severe animal hoarding case.

Just under 70 pets were rescued, 33 dogs, roughly 20 cats, and 10 rabbits were removed.

The Huntsville Animal Shelter has been dealing with space issues and after receiving all the animals, the staff could use your help.

Currently, the shelter is undergoing phase 2 of its renovations to create more kennel space for dogs.

Most adoptions are currently free to help open up kennel space. As you might expect, some residents have voiced concerns over free adoptions in the past.

“If we say no, you can’t have this animal, they are going to go and find an animal that is not spayed or neutered or not vaccinated,” said Animal Care Supervisor, Karen Buchan.

The hoarding situation made for a long night at the shelter. But thankfully, the community responded. Most of the 33 dogs recovered were sent to rescues.

Now the shelter is focused on getting the neglected animals healthy enough to find new homes.

“Some skin conditions, we are treating that. They were covered in fleas. A lot of it is flea allergies and food deprivation,” said Buchan.

While staying behind the adoption floor is not ideal, it is way better than where many of the furry friends came from.

“From the outside of the residence, you can smell the horrible smell. It must have been pretty bad,” expressed Buchan.

WHNT NEWS 19 reporter Ethan Fitzgerald knocked on the door to the house on Chapman but no one answered.

“There is definitely is a lot of animal feces and piddle pads here at the door,” said Fitzgerald.

The owner was cited and will have to face a judge. No animals died after they were rescued. All of the animals were located inside the home, despite there being a yard.

Residents told WHNT the smell from the house spread through the neighborhood on windy days.

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