HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville Animal Services is asking for community members to give homeless pets a Home for the Holidays.

Aminal Service Director Karen Sheppard is asking residents to help animals get in the Christmas spirit by fostering a pet this holiday season.

“I would say, every dog in here is unhappy,” Sheppard told News 19.

She said that animals often become stressed in the shelter environment, Sheppard said that fostering offers the animal a chance to relieve that stress while also providing a trial run for anyone that’s considering adopting a pet.

“Often through your networking through the holidays, someone in your family or your group of friends, they might actually be interested in the pet,” Sheppard continued.

Sheppard said fostering allows pets to get the one-on-one attention they can’t get in the shelter. It also allows people to have a new friend around for the holidays.

“You can keep it for just a few days, or you can keep it until we find them a home,” Sheppard said.

She said the lone homework assignment for pet foster parents is to love the animal — and make sure to take lots of pictures.

“Bring the photographs in of the dog sitting on the couch, being with the children, going on a walk, just everyday photos” Dr. Sheppard said. “Then [write] 10 to 20 sentences [describing the dog].”

“Dog seems to be housebroken, was good with my seven-year-old” are the type of things she said they are looking for. HAS then takes those comments and pictures and adds them to the kennel and online profile of the animal.

“You wouldn’t believe how much it helps, because people want to know as much as they can [about the animal] before brining it home” Sheppard continued.

During the interview with News 19, Dr. Sheppard sat with Revy. Revy had been adopted out the prior weekend but was returned on Monday because it didn’t get along with the cat inside the home.

“Dogs like Revy are so amazing, and she may not be a doodle, but she sure is pretty special,” she explained.

To foster an animal through Huntsville Animal Services, you must provide a photo ID, and it is strongly recommended that you live in Madison County. HAS says adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, come with a city license, and a free bag of pet food.

You can view adoptable pets by clicking here.

Huntsville Animal Services also posts pictures and information on the animals on Facebook and Instagram.