On Saturday, June 25th, and Sunday the 26th, the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club (HARC) held their annual Field Day Operations.

During this event ham radio clubs and individuals operate using emergency power, like gasoline, generators, or batteries to practice communications during a simulated emergency, along with training for emergency situations the event doubles as a contest. During the contest, they try to communicate with as many ham operators in the 24-hour period. 

Meteorologist Jessica Camuto had the opportunity to attend the event Saturday. While there she spoke to the group about weather safety and what goes into making a forecast! She also had the opportunity to try out one of the radios in the ‘Get On The Air’ station.

The HARC holds a meeting every Friday evening at 7:30 pm at 1806 University Drive NW or by Zoom. To learn more and see how you can get involved click here.