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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — From the roadways to the airways, it seems like many forms of travel have been impacted from the record breaking tornadoes and snowfall this past weekend.

The winter weather hit airports in Denver and Chicago especially hard, with dozens of flights delayed or outright cancelled.

Huntsville International Airport said Monday morning they had already seen a lot of activity at the airport from those hubs with delays and cancellations.

Huntsville International spokesperson Mary Swanstrom told News 19 that crews have been working to make sure travelers are comfortable in the event that their flights are canceled or delayed.

“Our crews are out here in the dark of night, clearing off the runways and the roadways and the ramps so that the planes and people can get through and folks can get in with their cars, drop off loved ones or needed to park,” Swanstrom said. “So, even if their flights were canceled or delayed they would be able to get to the airport and when their flight came in or departed they would be able to leave.”

Swanstrom adds the airport’s website has a section specifically for arrivals and departures.

“That’s the most accurate and up to date times for passengers,” Swanstrom said, adding that travelers should always view that page before heading out to travel.

Swanstrom says if your flight was canceled or delayed, it would be a good idea to try and reroute through southern hubs like Dallas that weren’t affected by winter weather.