HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Right now, Huntsville International Airport (HSV) is preparing for the July 4 weekend – and they’re expecting to see a rush of travelers.

Lines are moving swiftly at HSV, but with a major holiday right around the corner, managers say the scene will look a lot different after a flood of delays and cancellations across the nation.

Officials say there is no guarantee a flight won’t be delayed, but there are steps you can take to get ahead.

“We’re encouraging folks to be proactive,” said HSV Public Relations Manager Mary Swanstrom. “Go ahead and subscribe to that app for your airline so that you can be made aware of any changes in your travel plans.”

HSV staff told News 19 they expect TSA to operate smoothly given their new analogic scanning system. They say it is more efficient in preventing travelers from stopping to take out large items that cannot be detected.

Travel experts also recommend getting to the airport early, leaving restricted items at home, and if possible, use a carry-on instead of a checked bag.

Jim Payne, a spokesperson for Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, said travelers are more likely to get delayed at major airports.

“Delays and cancellations are less affected by the airport you’re at,” Payne said. “Obviously, if you’re flying out of a major hub airport, you probably have a larger likelihood of being affected because are more of a concentration of flights at those airports than any of the outlining airports.”

Swanstrom said Huntsville will see less travel trouble than airports with more connecting flights.

“Because of where we are, we are not seeing as great an impact on our operations here at Huntsville International, but we know at some of the larger hubs that some of our passengers may be experiencing some of those things,” Swanstrom said.

Huntsville International says they are seeing pre-COVID travel rates of about 80%.