Huntsville airport deals with cancellations, delays

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Huntsville International Airport experienced significant disruption to air travel Wednesday, as a major winter storm impacted the Southeastern U.S.

As of Wednesday morning, arrival and departure listings at featured more cancellations than scheduled flights.

Delta Airlines on Wednesday canceled all flights from Huntsville to Atlanta. U.S. Airways too canceled all activity in and out of Huntsville. One flight tracking service reported Wednesday a.m. that more than 2,500 flights had been grounded at airports across the Southeast – as the region deals with a severe snow and ice threat.

Atlanta has the busiest airport in the nation, so delays and cancellations there will have a ripple effect nationwide. Airports in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham were on Wednesday reporting snow and ice issues.

Huntsville airport authorities recommend checking directly with your airline for the latest flight status information.

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