HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Solemn and silent was the atmosphere surrounding Mayfair Church of Christ as the body of fallen Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby was transferred inside.

Law enforcement, veterans, family and friends and thankful citizens came to the visitation to say goodbye to the fallen hero.

One by one, people entered the church even hours before the visitation began.

Inside was quiet, as folks paid respect to Officer Crumby, his family and to the Huntsville Police Department.

“Emotions are high not just here but all across Alabama,” Brent Patterson, spokesperson for the Madison County Sheriff’s office said.

“Any time you lose an officer like this it brings our community closer,” he added.

The community was present as early at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, some lining the roads and church with American Flags and flowers.

Patriot Guard Ride Captain Sam Weissel said days like Sunday bring out a whole plethora of feelings.

“The good emotions, in that we’re able to honor Officer Crumby,” he said, “and obviously the intense emotions of the reason we’re here just kind of brings you down to earth to be here but we are just very honored to be requested by the family and police department to honor him.”

Patterson said an officer being killed in the line of duty can cause ripples of emotion nationwide but for the affected community its always different.

“Any time you have an officer that’s killed in the line of duty, nationwide we all experience different emotions,” Patterson said, “But when it’s right here in your own town, it affects you differently. You know their different badges and different uniforms in Madison County, Huntsville and surrounding agencies but this week there’s only been one badge.”

The funeral for Officer Crumby will be held at Mayfair Church of Christ Monday, after the service his body will be taken to Tuscaloosa Memorial Park where the Officer will be laid to rest.