Investments into HudsonAlpha genetic research making a difference

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- The Madison County Commission gave $100,000 to the HudsonAlpha Institute to support the research and clinic mission. Making this large donation was easy for the Madison County Commission because this is a mission that they deeply believe will not only help Madison County but the entire world. "Hudson Alpha is truly setting the tone for genome research. This research is going to lead to cures, it is going to lead to the next level of pharmaceuticals," said Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

Strong says $30,000 will go towards the institute's breast and ovarian cancer genetic risk program. This program offers free breast and ovarian cancer genetic screenings to 30-year-old women in the Huntsville and Madison County community for one year. Women under the age of 30 are still able to get the testing done but they do have to pay $99.

The rest of the donation, which is $70,000, will go towards the clinic mission. For example it will help the new Smith Clinic that opened late November. This clinic focuses on the power of understanding a persons genetic make up to try to figure out why they have a disease or why they are not responding to a particular drug. People from all over the world have called the Smith Clinic about making an appointment. The advanced equipment inside the facility will allow Doctor and Researchers to help patients worldwide.



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