How you can protect your data and devices while traveling this summer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Experts with the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama say it’s important to protect your devices and data, especially while you’re traveling.

They offered us some advice about how you can make sure your identity stays in your own hands.

Julia Cherry, BBB of North Alabama’s Director of Communication, said, “We basically live on our phones, all of our information is on our phones. So if somebody takes your phone or your tablet or any other technology that you use, that’s essentially them stealing your identity.”

She suggested making sure a locator app like Find My iPhone is enabled.

“If something did happen to your phone, you have the ability to track it if it’s still turned on,” she explained.

And she advised checking your password now. You can make them stronger, and longer, to make sure no one can get into your device.

“It’s much easier to figure out a four-digit combination than it is a six or an eight digit combination. Also if you have the ability, let it do a recognition either on your face or let it read your fingerprint,” she added.

And while you’re on the way to your destination, be wary of public WiFi connections. If you do need to connect to one, be careful she said.

“When you’re on public WiFi, just think, everything I’m doing could be tracked by someone else. Do I really want to log into my bank account right now?”

It could also be a good idea to consider a VPN or personal hotspot instead.

Cherry cautioned against using charging ports with USB connections. She advised sticking to the ones you can use with your charge cable and its wall adapter, to make sure no one can steal your information through the USB.

You should also take steps to keep your devices from getting stolen. She suggested using the in-room safe for your devices and valuables when you’re in hotels and vacation spots.

“You want to lock up anything that could be stolen and used to steal your identity,” she stated.

With this advice, you can not only have safe travels but keep your identity away from potential scammers who would use your devices to get to your information.

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