How to report where reflective road stripe repairs are needed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Driving in the dark and the rain is hard enough, and the city of Huntsville does everything it can to help keep the roadways seen in these conditions.

Within the city limits and on city-controlled streets, reflective striping and raised-pavement markers are installed to keep drivers in their lane. But sometimes the reflective beads in the striping wear down.

“The reflective properties will wear down depending on the usage, volume, and weather conditions,” said Nicholas Nene, a traffic improvement projects manager for the City of Huntsville.

City streets are inspected once a year to ensure the striping remains reflective.

“The striping within the city is reflective, however the inspections that are done are to ensure the reflectivity is at the standards that we want,” Nene said.

If a stripe needs to be repainted, it will be given a priority status and will be repainted within a year.

However, there are roads in Huntsville that might take longer for similar repairs, because they’re handled by the state. For example, Memorial Parkway, University Drive/US-72, Jordan Lane/AL-53, and I-565 are roadways maintained by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

If you see a road in need of striping repairs, first determine whether it’s a city or a state road, and then you can report that need to the correct jurisdiction.

For city roads: Huntsville Connect Service Request

For state roads: ALDOT Road Concern System




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