How to apply to be on the Huntsville City Schools Safety Task Force

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The application window opens Friday for those interested in becoming members of the School Safety Task Force within the Huntsville City Schools system.

District leaders said the system is looking for a diverse group to fill the task force, and a committee will do the selection.

“We want parents from elementary, parents from middle, parents from high school, parents from magnet schools, parents of transfer students,” said Elisa Ferrell, board president. “So we want people from all aspects of our system to participate. We want to make sure our schools are safe. We want to make sure our students and our staff are safe, that everyone feels like they’re in a safe learning environment.”

The School Safety Task Force will go through community input collected at Student Safety Engagement Forums in October and create a list of recommendations to the superintendent related to enhancing district security and parent accountability.

“It’s just another layer for us to get information from people who have children in the system,” Ferrell said. “People who are teaching as well, we have teachers on the task force as well who see it from a different perspective. So we want to make sure we cover all the bases, and the best way to do that is to talk to all the stakeholders”

The application window is from Friday, November 2 through Friday, November 16.

You can apply by clicking this link to get started. You can also navigate to the same page through the Huntsville City Schools main web page.

There are three types of applications: one for parents, community partners, and Huntsville City Schools employees. Applicants will be asked to write narratives about involvement or support for the schools, the perspective they will bring to the task force, and how to help the task force accomplish its goals.

Leaders said the district’s selection committee will not see applicants’ personal information when they consider applications for the task force.

The district is looking for applicants to be on the task force for 2 years. They made it clear that missing three meetings will result in a person’s dismissal from the task force. The district will provide senior mentors to help the task force members connect with subject matter experts as they work on safety and security recommendations.

Huntsville City Schools provided this timeline:

  • November 2: Application window opens
  • November 16: Application window closes
  • December 14: Task force selections notified via letter
  • Week of January 14: First meeting
  • Week of March 25: Recommendations presented to Superintendent
  • April: Recommendations presented at the Board of Education

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