How ‘rare’ is our July cool snap?

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It’s a question we’ve heard a lot recently with the bouts of cooler-than-average temperatures: How rare is it to be this cool in July?

The answer is not that rare.

In fact, the all-time coolest temperature ever recorded in July in Huntsville is 49 degrees, recorded on July 22, 1944. Even though we’ve set new records or come close to records three times so far this month, we’ve been no where near that all-time coldest low temperature.

If we drop below 60 degrees Wednesday morning, we will break a 100-year-old record in Huntsville. Here are the top 5 coolest morning lows for July 30th:


We are forecasting a low of 58 degrees Wednesday morning.

There is no denying that it has felt wonderful outside today. We are expecting below average temperatures for at least the next seven days in Huntsville–if not longer. As we stand now though, July 2014 is ranked as the 21st coolest on record based on monthly average temperature; here are the top 5 coolest Julys on record:


Do you remember July of 2004 or 2009? Based on monthly average temperature, they were cooler than the July we are currently in. July of 2004 is the 7th coolest July on record with an average monthly temperature of 77 degrees. July of 2009’s average monthly temperatre was 77.5 degrees.

Our current average monthly temperature so far this month is 78 degrees.

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