Hot Diggity Dogs employee says business closed without paying

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Workers say they were left in the lurch with no job and no pay for their hours of work when a local eatery shut down without warning. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to find out what happened at Hot Diggity Dogs.

Hot Diggity Dogs opened inside Parkway Place Mall in August.

Truly Anderson says when she reported for work there Sunday – she found it shuttered.

“I was working there only three weeks, that added up to 67 hours,” said Anderson. “They started me off at $8.50. That was supposed to be my check for my rent and stuff.”

But she still hasn’t gotten that check.

Anderson says one of the store owners, John McClain, promised she’d get paid the next day. “He told me, looked me dead in my eyes, I asked him, would I be receiving a check?”

She said he later text the following:

“Due to the lack of trust and funds that Rashid was not putting into the business nor was the money coming through. Today will not be payday.”

Anderson’s not the only one waiting on payday. Her cousin and aunt worked there too, and they say they haven’t been paid either.

WHNT News 19 called John McClain, but he refused to answer our questions and hung up. His business partner Rashid Beisenov took our call, though.

Beisenov said he invested $130,000 in Hot Diggity Dogs, and that McClain is responsible for the business closing – and the reason employees aren’t getting paid.

“OK, here’s the thing,” said Beisenov, “this guy, he never put the employees on paper. So basically what he did, because if they applied to government, he might even go further and deny that he worked with them.”

Beisenov claims McClain abandoned the store.

“But I want my money though,” said Anderson. “67 hours. That’s not something you can just throw away like that. That’s a lot of hours.”

Beisenov said he plans to go after McClain in court to get his money back, but those workers who haven’t been paid don’t know if they will ever see a dime.

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