Hometown hero says scammers are pretending to be him and soliciting money from supporters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville man who is known for mowing lawns across the country, most recently for veterans, said someone is impersonating him online.

Rodney Smith said not only are these people using his name and photo, but they’re also soliciting money from people using his cause.

The imposters are contacting people through messaging apps like Hangout, Whatsapp and Words with Friends games.

Smith said some of his supporters have asked the scammers questions to see whether their storylines match Smith’s actual work and they don’t.

“Do something positive for your community. You want to join the 50 yard challenge? You’re more than welcome,” Rodney explained. “Come out here and mow with us or mow in your city, wherever you are. But don’t try to lie to people and say you’re me, I’m not sure but they could be using the money for anything, for bad things.”

Smith says never solicits money from user on games or messaging apps.

Rodney only accepts donations through his We are Raising Men website.

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