Homeless man launches business, sells his creations at Sidewalk Arts Stroll


Jack Daniels shows a customer how he makes his paracord bracelets.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  Often talent can be found in places you would not have thought to look. That's the case of Jack Daniels - not the whiskey - but one of Huntsville's homeless, and a budding entrepreneur.

Each month he can be found at Huntsville's Sidewalk Art Stroll, selling bracelets.

"Jack is an extremely honest guy. Jack is the kind of guy that if he`s eating dinner his peas are here, his potatoes are here, his corn is here. That`s jack," said friend and founder of Helping Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens Rusty Loiselle. "He carries that right through into his workload too. When he makes those paracords if he sees that he missed a knot 3/4 of the way back he will unravel that whole thing because if a knot and start over."

At his booth at the Art Stroll you can see Jack's determination and focus as he shows a customer how he makes his paracord bracelets.

"Wrap it around like this, one is going underneath, tucks underneath, I make an X," he explains.

"My friend Rusty he started coming around Saturdays bringing water and some t-shirts and socks and stuff," recounts Jack. "One Saturday, I went down there to check in with rusty to see what he had, and he had one of the bracelets and I says can you teach me how to make that?"

"So we sat down for a couple days and pretty soon he took off with it," said Loiselle.

Since that time, Loiselle says he has seen a change in his friend Jack.

"For the good obviously. He feels a pride that he`s able to do something on his own and I think it just took somebody else to find what it was he needed to do."

Jack's business hasn't made him fully self-sufficient, but he makes enough to buy food, essentials, and repairs for his bike.

Many of Jack's bracelets feature the emblems and colors of the branches of our nation's military.

You can find him at the final Sidewalk Arts Stroll  of the season, Thursday, August 21st, in Constitution Village.


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