Home for the Holidays: US Air Force Trainee reunited with beloved dog lost while he was in boot camp


Will Moudy, USAF Trainee with his dog Buddy. (Photo: Gregg Stone/WHNT News 19)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A US Air Force trainee from Huntsville is home on leave for 30 days after getting injured during basic training.
But instead of relaxing, he has spent much of his time searching desperately for his lost dog.

“I had gone outside to take something out there and happened to look and the gate was open,” recalled William Moudy, the father of Will Moudy, a USAF trainee.

It was the end of October and William Moudy had been watching his son Will’s dog, Buddy, while Will was in basic training.

“We went out looking for him and couldn’t find him anywhere,” said the older Moudy.

He explained that he and his wife decided not to tell Will that Buddy had gone missing, for fear it would throw him off in training.

It turns out Will got injured and was granted family leave.

His parents reluctantly told him the news when he flew to Huntsville a month later.

“He said that’s the reason he really wanted to come home.. to see Buddy,” said the older Moudy. “That was one of the things like top on my list about coming home was getting able to see my dog again,” said Will Moudy.

Instead of resting on his break, Will started searching in person and then online, where he posted an ad.

“Less than 18 hours later, I got information on what shelter he was in, who had him, how to get in touch with him,” said Will Moudy.  “And people were even offering to pay the charges if they were going to charge us to get him back.”

While he was in disbelief, the animal rescue group “A New Leash on Life” was in motion and soon a van pulled up outside his home.

The reunion was emotional.

“Aawwww.. it’s good to see you Buddy,” said Will Moudy as he picked up the small-framed dog.

“Thank you so much for taking care of him,” he said to Tiffany Severson.

She cried.  “That’s what we want is for them to go back to where they’re loved or to be adopted into a new home,” Severson said.

“I finally have my best friend back,” said the younger Moudy.  “It’s almost impossible, like the odds, but I have my best friend back now and I’m just elated.  Christmas definitely came early this year from a number of different Santa Clauses.

While Buddy was in foster care, volunteers gave him a microchip so he can be more easily identified if he gets lost again.

Will Moudy goes back to basic training for the US Air Force on December 27th.

He was grateful to Huntsville Animal Services, where he got Buddy as a puppy.  It was HAS who picked up Buddy when he got out of the fenced-in backyard.  He was most grateful to a New Leash on Life rescue group and animal advocates on Lost and Found Pets – Huntsville, AL / Madison County on Facebook who helped him connect to his beloved best friend.