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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The holidays are finally here which means more people are on the roads and at the airport.

Compared to 2020’s holiday season TSA expects a 184% increase in air travel. They believe the busiest days will be December 23rd and January 2nd.

AAA estimates 100 million Americans will travel by car this year seeing a 28% increase over last year.
These numbers are inching closer to pre-pandemic levels sitting at only 8% lower than 2019.

So, to make your trip to the airport a little smoother Huntsville International Airport recommends having your face mask on, any liquids and electronics already pulled out or easily accessible, and your ID ready when going through security.

HSV spokesperson Mary Swanstrom warns travelers to prepare to spend a little longer in the TSA security line. “One thing that might happen is folks are traveling with gifts, they’re traveling with food, they’re traveling with children, and getting through TSA checkpoints can take a little longer,” Swanstrom says.

HSV recommends arriving 1 1/2 to 2 hours before flight time to allow ample time to check-in, get through security and make it to your gate.