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Let the countdown begin. There are just a few days of shopping days left until Christmas and plenty of last-minute shoppers are hitting the stores.

Folks are out getting those gifts while they still last on the shelves. the crowds are at the Parkway Place Mall, but they say that last-minute shopping is part of the plan. 

Shopper Pascal Schoolaelt said, “The last week basically, but many times the last day.” 

He says this is all part of his grand holiday plan each year. He took a break from work during the day to get gifts at the mall. 

“It’s just the way I do it. I don’t know why. I procrastinate I guess.” 

Whether it’s procrastination or people just snatching up those gifts for their loved ones, the last-minute rush shoppers have arrived. The Lyle family shops together and says last-minute is more fun.  

“Because you at least get a minute to get out and buy stuff before it’s all gone,” said Cecily Lyle, who is shopping with her sister Carmen and father. 

Retailers, of course, do not mind the extra foot traffic. This is the first Christmas season for the Southern Decresta, one of the newer stores at the Parkway Place Mall. They made sure to stock ahead of the global supply chain issues that have affected so many locally-owned stores in Alabama. Store manager Kaley Miller says the last-minute shoppers have noticed.

“They’ll grab little stocking stuffers that we have at the register or around the store. They’ll buy big presents and clothes. Everything for everybody.” 

Seeing the mall packed this year after retailers drastically limited capacity due to coronavirus precaution last year is a welcomed sight says management. 

Mall management reminds shoppers that shipping delays do still exist for some retailers, so the wiser choice this year is to get here as soon as you can and don’t wait until the last minute to shop.