HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) — Josh Lyons, also known as Gator, was tucking himself in for the night Friday when the winds picked up.

Saturday morning, an EF3 tornado moved through the Hazel Green/Madison County area where Lyons lived in an apartment attached to H&L Custom Cycle, he is the lead mechanic at the shop.

“Got a shower, friend of mine brought me something to eat, and I laid down to take a nap for a couple hours,” Lyons recalled.

“[I] heard the noise, got up, got them up, it was too late, building started coming up around us and when I came to, we were in a field over there,” he added.

Lyons and his friend Christon Cagle landed over 100 yards from the apartment.

When Gator came to, all he saw were flashing blue lights, alerting him that his friend was injured.

He was banged up badly too, suffering a concussion and bruising all along his body, but Christon was in worse shape. Christon was taken to Huntsville Hospital in critical condition.

Despite his injuries and the traumatic event he endured a few days ago, Gator clocked in for work as soon as he could.

“Literally straight home from the hospital, he made me bring him here to the shop and he was out here in his paper blue scrubs in his boots that we found and he just working away,” H&L Custom Cycle Manager Christina Waldron told News 19, “and he has not stopped since.”

Now as for the bikes that were stowed away at H&L Custom Cycle during the severe weather, they are being held at a temporary safe storage facility. If you need to pick up your bike, call Waldron at 256-326-0920.