Historic building on Clinton Avenue on the market again

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The historic downtown building 115 East Clinton Avenue that’s housed Sears, Mason’s Furniture, Crossroads Music Hall, And U.G. White Mercantile is on the market again. This comes after plans to open up a music venue called The Mercantile fell flat.

This building dates back to the 1920s. This time last year we reported that PBD Holdings planned to open up a music hall. Now, it is available for lease yet again. The owner of the building tells WHNT News 19 the building is ready for someone to give it a new life.

“What’s really unique about downtown Huntsville, similar to say a downtown Savannah or a downtown Charleston is so many of the original buildings from the original downtown growth phase are still there. And you’re finding them renovated into the new Sam and Greg’s Pizzeria or the new Domaine South,” said Chad Emerson, CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc.

The building has sat vacant since a fire in 2018. PBD Holdings announced plans to transform the space into an entertainment venue in 2019. The building’s owner told WHNT News 19, it just didn’t work out.

“That wasn’t our only one shot at a music venue and it still may become that. Fortunately, Mars Music Hall, Sidetracks, Furniture Factory and others are really great destinations,” said Emerson.

Chad Emerson with Downtown Huntsville Inc. says the area is thriving and vacant buildings are becoming harder come by.

“There’s always going to be several buildings in transition which is natural as new businesses come in or other relocate or move on but right now it’s really hard to find a building that doesn’t have a plan for it in downtown.”

The owner said they have had some interest in the building to turn it into several different things including office space or a restaurant but there are no definite plans at this point.

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