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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc. says the winter storm brought increased motor vehicle wrecks. HEMSI responded to 27 wreck calls related to icy conditions in a 24 hour period.

The winter storm that moved through North Alabama in the first days of January left behind treacherous road conditions, something many Native Alabamians are not accustomed to. While snow and ice are rarer in North Alabama, emergency medical services can’t let it slow down their response times.

Don Webster with HEMSI says training new EMTs for winter weather events is key.

“A lot of people especially younger employees haven’t had a lot of experience in the snow, so we try to educate and do training because running the cables you have to stay under certain miles per hour,” Webster said.

Webster said they saw an elevated number of motor vehicle accidents related to icy road conditions.

“From midnight Monday morning till midnight last night HEMSI responded to 27 motor vehicle accidents. Then from midnight to three today (Tuesday), HEMSI responded to 7 wrecks,” Webster said.

But Webster said there is good news, there were no major injuries.

“In all those accidents there were no serious or life-threatening injuries. I mean, people were injured hurt but not they were not a life-threatening traffic fatality or anything like that,” Webster said.

He personally attributes that to crews being on top of road treatments after the temperatures dropped.

“ALDOT, the City of Huntsville, and Madison County Commissioners, in prepping our roads. They knew this was coming and everybody took ways of action,” Webster said.

Out of more than 30 wrecks in two days, Webster says one trouble spot sticks out.

“The one that really sticks out is the interchange of the parkway and 565. The off-ramps and on-ramps and those curves,” Webster said.