Healthy Huntsville hosts bike ride with Mayor Tommy Battle

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Healthy Huntsville and Mayor Tommy Battle held a bike ride event to promote a more healthy and active Huntsville.

“It’s really fun just to ride around and feel the air,” said Participant Meredith Pommerenck.

Meredith and many others joined in on the tradition with Mayor Tommy Battle and biked a 4-mile trail around downtown Huntsville.

“It started off 11 years ago our bike community was talking about what we needed to work more with the bike communities and one person said you need to ride with us one day and one person said and mayor you’re not too old, well that made sure I was going to do it,” said Mayor Battle.

Not only did attendees have fun getting their wheels turning, but they were also riding toward a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy Huntsville we are always trying to encourage people to get out and exercise it doesn’t have to be super intense things, this is an easy 4-mile flat ride that you can do with your kids which is another important thing showing your kid’s healthy ways to get out and about,” said Ashley Polesak with the Healthy Huntsville.

Healthy Huntsville is holding Fitness in the Park events every Saturday morning at Big Spring Park through the entire month of June.

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