Having a service issue in your neighborhood? Report it through Huntsville Connect

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A viewer tweeted a photo to WHNT about a possible contaminated creek. She tagged the City of Huntsville as well. We took action and responded, and so did the city. The city tells WHNT they’re looking into the issue.

But according to Huntsville’s Director of Communication Kelly Schrimsher there’s a better and more efficient way to send in service requests, by using Huntsville Connect. “This makes it easy for them to report something in the moment, and also give us a photo, and accurate location of the service request,” Schrimisher said.

Huntsville Connect allows Huntsville residents to report things like potholes, litter, anything that’s a problem in the Rocket City. You can send in requests online at Huntsvilleal.gov, and through an app called “Huntsville Connect”.

In the case of the possible contaminated creek Schrimisher was able to pass on the issue to the appropriate department, but that’s not always the case. “Our departments that actually service those request don’t have access to social media during the day. So if you post to social, the likelihood of someone seeing it in city hall is slim,” she explained.

The city launched the $13,000 service more than two years ago, and it’s becoming very popular. “None of the request can be deleted and we can not change our edit, so it`s great for us in terms of transparency and accountability,” Schrimisher said. The free app is only available for service requests with-in city limits.

Huntsville’s Natural Resource Department will soon be testing the possibly contaminated creek.