MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A decades-old attraction in the Huntsville area has allegedly closed its doors for good.

The Harmony Park Safari opened in 1990 and was a mix between a “drive-thru zoo” and a “hands-on animal experience.” It allowed visitors to drive through the property and see a variety of animals, including farm animals, a giraffe, camels, llamas, tortoises and more.

According to Google, Harmony Park Safari is “permanently closed.” The entrance to the park is roped off and its website has been deactivated.

If you call the park’s phone number listed online, the answering machine has this message for callers:

“After 30 years, we will be permanently closing our gates. From this day forward, we are permanently closed. Thanks to all of our patrons from 51 states, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada, too. God bless each and every one. And we hope our patrons enjoyed their stay at Harmony Park Safari.”

Over the years, Harmony Park Safari received a number of citations from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding its animals and exhibits.

The USDA had to step in after a kangaroo at the park bit a nine-year-old girl and the incident was caught on video in May 2017. The branch of the USDA that regulates animal exhibitors ordered the park to build a new barrier around the enclosure where the incident happened.

When News 19 went to the park seeking answers, a truck pulling a larger trailer was at the park, allegedly waiting to pick up an animal.

When asked if the person was the owner, an unknown man replied “no” and told our crew that he was there to pick up a giraffe. Where the giraffe was to be taken is unknown at this time.

News 19 has reached out to the owner and the USDA for comment, but we have not heard back as of this publication.