Group selling shirts as leash fundraiser for Huntsville Animal Services

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Animal welfare advocates are selling T-shirts as a leash fundraiser for Huntsville Animal Services.

Paws4Change is selling the shirts to help pay for leashes that can be used to walk the dogs in the Huntsville Animal Services shelter.

Having leashes for dogs will allow them to get proper exercise, learn to walk on a leash and socialize with a variety of people, according to the nonprofit.

The funds raised by Paws4Change will be used by Huntsville Animal Service Foundation, Inc. to buy the English leads from Regal Connections in Minnesota. The woven slip leads can be used to walk any size of dog.

T-shirts can be bought Sept. 6-16. The group hopes to raise enough money to buy 50 leads.

You can order a shirt by clicking here.



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