Grieving Mother Gets Warning Lights Installed On Street Where Her Son Was Killed

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"I feel lost, part of my heart's gone and I will never get it back. I'm just trying to do what I can," said Kelly Cantrell McDaniel.

McDaniel grieves the loss of her young son, Hunter Cantrell.

She's made it her mission to make sure what happened to her child does not happen to someone else.

McDaniel has pushed for blinking lights to be installed near the school where her son Hunter was killed earlier this year. Those lights are now operational.

McDaniel walks WHNT NEWS 19 to place where her son took one of his last breaths.

"Losing my son was the biggest tragedy I have ever gone through in my life. I turned all the heartbreak into a positive that way we could get this taken care of," added McDaniel.

She showed us where a car hit her son as he was riding a bike. She says she is not able to drive along Farrow Road near Columbia High School.

"It was the shakes. It was the sickening of the stomach. I keep thinking, this is where my baby died, so it was really hard," added McDaniel.

The mother, without her only son, went to the Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools to help make the road safer for everyone.

"I said something needs to be done, so this does not happen again. I am begging you, please, let's get a caution light and work on getting a crossing guard out there," added McDaniel.

"It was a pretty sad day. It turned out there was no speeding. It was just a really bad day," said Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.

Dr. Wardynski talked with Huntsville Police and Mayor Tommy Battle's office to get warning lights installed.

"It did not take months and months. Yes, it took nine weeks, but they are there. They are there so this won't happen again," added McDaniel.

McDaniel and Dr. Wardynski say they are continuing to work together to see if it's possible to add a crossing guard to that area as well.

Dr. Wardynski said his staff is starting to look at traffic safety around all schools in the district.

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