HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — People hoping to hop on a Greyhound bus in Huntsville will have to wait a little longer.

Less than one month after the company announced its return to service in Huntsville, those plans have already stopped.

In August, a representative with Greyhound told News 19 that a gas station would be the new Huntsville stop. This comes after service to Huntsville was “temporarily” stopped in September of 2022.

Greyhound had planned four trips per day at the new location, including service to Nashville and Birmingham, with services expected to begin on August 21.

Now, less than a month later, if you try and book a trip to or from Huntsville, all you get is an error message.

News 19 started asking Greyhound when the service stopped again and we received no replies.

We finally received a response from a Greyhound spokesperson, on September 6th, saying, “Service has not yet begun.”

The spokesperson tells us they are still waiting on the proper permits and did not answer any follow-up questions.

News 19 has also asked Greyhound about parking arrangements and seating areas at the new location. We have not yet heard back.