Greenbrier interchange construction shuts down exit

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Traffic on I-565 isn’t new, but what is new is that driver’s can no longer exit I-565 Eastbound on Greenbrier Road.

In October, WHNT News 19 reported that the Alabama Department of Transportation was about to begin construction on expanding the I-565 interchange near Greenbrier Road.

Construction began, and concrete barriers were placed to separate the worksite from the travel lanes. Those barriers caused quite the slow-down on I-565 East Wednesday afternoon.

The majority of the construction will take place off-road.

ALDOT said it hopes these improvements will reduce risks for drivers. “These changes to the Greenbrier intersection are necessary not only because of existing safety and traffic flow issues. But the fact that those issues could be compounded by expected developments in the area.”

ALDOT spokesman Seth Burkett said they anticipate the Mazda-Toyota plant could bring more 18-wheeler traffic on top of passenger cars already exiting on Greenbrier Road.

The department sees the improved interchange as an effort to combat possible traffic jams.

ALDOT said the improvements will not necessarily decongest the traffic flow on 565 East in general, but it will prevent extensive backups on the exit by extending it.

Construction is on track to complete in late 2019 or early 2020. The Greenbrier exit will remain closed until then.

People who are trying to get to Greenbrier from 565 are told to get off at the Mooresville exit and take Old Highway 20.