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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Do you think there’s just a little too much litter along your route to work? Maybe your neighborhood needs a little TLC! Green Team is taking suggestions on how to keep Huntsville green.

The Green Team is Huntsville’s division responsible for litter prevention and environmental outreach and education.

The team has launched a survey to receive the city’s input on litter, and to get suggestions on how to better maintain our green spaces.

“Even with our wonderful volunteer groups, it’s hard for a team of about a dozen city employees to stay on top of litter in the 228 square miles that Huntsville encompasses, so having public input will help us identify how to best allocate our resources,” said City of Huntsville’s Director of Landscape Management Brian Walker. “It could also possibly lead to some innovative ideas for litter prevention in Huntsville.”

The survey can be completed in about four minutes, and also has spaces where Huntsville residents can submit their own ideas on new ways to maintain and prevent litter in the city.

You can find the survey on their website or at their Facebook page.